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Snowbound by Thomas J. Snow

UK Price: ​ ​£6.99 GBP | US Conversion: Approximately $11.25 | Release: September 2014

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Snowbound – eBook is NOW!

After much STRUGGLE (*impish giggle at the irony*) with the way the printers were butchering my snowflakes and flourishes, I now feel ready to begin the release of Snowbound with the eBook.

Snowbound – Book 8

Snowbound by Thomas J. Snow

Welcome in greetings to the sensual and the strange, the bewitched and the beguiled, the independent and the irresponsible. Enjoy your stay. Hands pinned. Lips explored. Hair grasped. SNOWBOUND.

Coming Soon: SNOWBOUND

Are you ready for Snow in PRINT? Get ready, angels and devils… get ready. xxx

Counting Out Time in Audio

What’s better than reading a Thomas J. Snow work of poetic prose about oral sex? Listening to him read it in that dead-sexy British accent and masculine voice, of course! (My opinion may be a bit biased, though. What say you)?

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SnowHearts: Book 7

SnowHearts: Book Seven

From sweet and romantic to lush and lustful, every day is Valentine’s Day with this special volume of heart-shaped poetry and prose by Thomas J. Snow…

Fresh Snow
"I loved you before I knew you. I knew you before even daring to love you."

Thomas J. Snow

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Twibbonize Yourself a Snow Angel!

Grab the #snowangels Twibbon and make your AVI sparkle – works on both Twitter and Facebook!

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Darker Snow: Book 6

Darker Snow: Book Six

​Back by popular demand: a second volume of stardust, seduction and snow – all shining their brightest in the darkest of artistic, poetic, Gothic nights with Thomas J. Snow…

Snow Angels: Book 5

Snow Angels: Book 5

​Every girl deserves a poet, and every poet deserves a Muse. Get up close and personal with Thomas and the angels that inspire him in this intimate collection of art, poetry, photography, family, traditions and meditations in a unique Snow Volume.

Snow by Design

Snow Angel Wings Shirt - Dark Colors

Snow Angel “Wings” Shirts in Dark Colors.

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Snowplay: Book 4

Snowplay: Book Four

Two back-to-back screenplays by Thomas J. Snow and theatrical artwork with every curtain fall…

Snow by Design

Snow Angels T-Shirt (White)

You asked, we created! Snow Angels t-shirts. (Light colors)

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Dark Snow: Book 3

Dark Snow: Book Three

Highly erotic (18+ recommended age group), dark and Gothic…

Snowstorm: Book 2

Snowstorm: Book Two

A romantic, sensual journey in the Eye of The Snow…

First Snow (Book 1)

First Snow: Book One

Poetry, Tweets, essays and interviews with The Snowglobeman. New cover art and snow-fallen, artistic entries of divine decadence. A lush introduction to The Snowglobe World of Thomas J. Snow.​..

Snow By Design

Snow by Design: Snow Angels Stickers

Snow Angels cut-out stickers!

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Top Snow

"Every girl should have poetry written about her. Every girl should be the desired artistic decadence of a sensual soul. Every girl is art."

Thomas J. Snow

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